CounterCache intelligent

Some retailers touch their cash as many as 14 times in their cash process. With CCi you touch it just once. Cash accepted by your till operator is never touched again, until it reaches your bank.

CCi streamlines your cash handling processes to provide substantial operational and accounting efficiencies whilst reducing shrink. It was awarded an Award for Innovation in 2011.

Cashview device management software allows you to manage, monitor and maintain an estate of CCi units centrally, either from a cash office or head office, giving you total visibility and control of all cash transactions down to till level across your entire business. CCi can be integrated with any EPOS system or cash reconciliation software platform.

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Operational Efficiencies

Physical cash processing becomes virtually obsolete, freeing-up cash office colleagues to devote their time to customer focussed activities

One-touch cash handling, from the customer to the bank

Notes are validated, counted, stacked and secured with 100% accuracy

Case studies show CCi reduces cash processing costs by 75%

Perfect note presentation means cash is ATM ready

CCi can be integrated with any EPOS system

Cash reconciliation and bank reports are generated at the touch of a button

Checkout-friendly design with cable or wireless connectivity

Easy to use with minimal training

Easy to trial with simple ‘plug and play’ options

Loss Prevention Efficiencies

Safely stores large amounts of cash at your till points – up to 440 notes for Standard CCi and up to 900+ for High Capacity CCi.

POS security is improved by removing the temptation for internal or external theft

Staff are at less risk of attack or intimidation and feel safer

Tamper evident pouch technology protects lifted cash

Makes investigation of cash anomalies quick and decisive

Detects all known forgeries, with 100% accuracy, and stops them dead

Dye penetration and i-box approved for transport by CiT carriers

Data cached and cash protected in the event of power failure

Accounting Efficiencies

Bar-coded pouches provide full audit trail

CCi has validated billions of pounds of cash over recent years without a single error

Automatic data transfer eliminates clerical and administration errors

Count accuracy accepted by CiT companies and banks

Full visibility and control of all cash transactions

Facilitates accelerated credit

The CCi is available with a cassette for those customers who have a need to recycle bank notes within their store, for example to self-fill ATMs. The CCi cassette is completely interchangeable with the pouch carrier and can be supplied with or without a key lock for added security. Tamper evident seals are also available to provide a full audit trail and the capacity of the cassette is approximately 400 bank notes.


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